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B the travel brand, Ávoris retail company, has opened its first intermediate level stores in Madrid, calling this new concept of premises B the Travel Evolution.

From GS Arquitectos we have collaborated with the Avoris marketing company and based on their indications we have developed a new comprehensive concept of travel office, with a more modern air and based on a more dynamic treatment with the client and more focused on an environment more digital, designing each element, from the display panels that fold into service tables, corner sofas for a more personalized service, fiber ceilings to improve acoustic insulation and reduce reverberation, etc.

Initially, two stores have been built with this concept, one in Pozuelo (Calle Atenas 2) and the other in Alcalá de Henares (Plaza de España).

In coordination with the property and its marketing company, all the materials and each of the furniture pieces were chosen that complete the integral design of this concept.