New Cairo Boulevard by Rocc. Nuevo Cairo. Egypt
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New Cairo Boulevard

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LOCATION: Cairo. Egypt

AREA: 64,000 sqm (plot) 196,114 sqm built

WORK: Competition

YEAR: 2020

CATEGORIES: Commercial, entertainment and offices.

Future development in New Cairo of the prestigious company ROCC specialized in commercial and office projects.

The program includes the realization of different buildings with main commercial and entertainment use (Retail, restaurants, cinemas, hotel) and a business park with office buildings.

The main idea of ​​the project is to create a main interior artery from east to west, pedestrianized zone allows crossing in the entire complex, thus giving great value to the entire commercial area. Other perpendicular streets allow vehicular access to the different areas of the project and access to the underground parking.

All the buildings open towards the interior and have a very fragmented volumetry. This variability creates the character of an urban center and intimacy with the human scale, it was important to do this due to the large size of the plot.

On the other hand, as the appropriate organization for all of them was important, different uses are considered to ensure that the integration works dynamically and avoids inactivity. At the opposite ends we place accesses to the shopping center and the business park. From one side to another, shops are distributed, the hotel cinemas and the restaurants are strategically located to give life to the whole complex.

It was also very important to note that in the commercial area, the vertical connections often poses a problem in its functionality, hence we took advantage of the section of the terrain to find ourselves at an intermediate height which allowed us to have vision of the whole plan and explore the fundamental usefulness of them.

Regarding the architecture of the complex, different styles were used to differentiate each area of ​​the project, trying to adapt the purpose of its uses. The commercial area became much more striking and eclectic to attract the attention of customers and generate recognizable landmarks, the office area however is much more neutral, with transparent and bright floors to respond to their needs.